Sunday, January 13, 2008

How to Choose an Agency to Set Up a Memorial Fund


When a friend or family member passes away, there is often an urge to make a charitable contribution in that person's name. However, you may not know the best charity to which you should donate your money. If a close friend or relative has recently passes away, you can choose an agency with which to set up a memorial fun in order to give people a donation option.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You'll Need

  • Information about the deceased's donation preferences
  • Will



Step One

Discuss memorial fund options with your loved one if death is a certainty in the future.

Step Two

Review the deceased's will to see if specific instructions were given regarding memorial funds.

Step Three

Collect information about where the deceased has donated money in the past few years or where money from the estate will be going.

Step Four

Consider churches at which the deceased was a member.

Step Five

Consider organization fighting the disease causing the deceased's death, if that is the case.

Step Six

Call each organization on the list to find out about the possibility of a memorial fund. Some simply are not set up to run such programs.

Step Seven

Talk with other friends and family members of the deceased for input about where the money should go.

Step Eight

Choose the organizations that most need the money or that were most dear to the deceased.

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