Sunday, January 13, 2008

How to Settle an Estate


If there is no living trust by which to settle an estate, then the estate goes into probate and is settled by process of law which varies between different states and counties. If you are trying to claim benefits or inheritance from an estate, you will have to go through probate to get your inheritance, and your claims can be contested. Read on for advice on how to go about settling an estate.


Difficulty: Moderate

Settling an Estate

Things You'll Need

  • Attorney



Step One

File your claims with the probate court. If an executor was designated by the deceased and you disagree with the choice, a probate attorney will help you file a request for a different executor and will also help you settle the estate.

Step Two

Contest any decisions that you severely disagree with (such as inheritance going to an abusive spouse) through the probate court

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